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Alice Russell - Under the Munka Moon II (2006)

Nakon uspjeha "My Favourite Letters" Alice Russell se vraća sa još jednim albumom suradnji sa različitim glazbenicima.

01. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know [One Take Version]
02. I'm Just Here [Wyndham Earl Remix]
03. To Know This [Live]
04. Hurry on Now [Boub Remix]
05. Don't You Worry [Unforscene]
06. Seven Nation Army [Nostalgia 77]
07. I Don't Need This Trouble [Natural-Self]
08. Fly in Hand [DJ Vadim Mix]
09. Do It [Unforscene]
10. Mirror Mirror on the Wolf 'Tell the Story Right' [Bonobo Mix]
11. Mean to Me [Acoustic Version]
12. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This [Bugz in the Attic Mix]
13. To Know This [Nu: Tone Mix]


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